Snettisham Primary Covid update

Snettisham Primary Covid update

A pupil at Snettisham Primary has today (13/10/2020) received a positive COVID-19 test following a period of isolation at home since early October.

Louise Jackson, Executive Headteacher, has confirmed that following consultation with Public Health England, 28 pupils and three members of staff have been sent home to isolate until Tuesday 20 October.

The bubble previously sent home to isolate following the school's other positive COVID-19 test at the start of the month, returned to school today. None displayed COVID-19 symptoms or received a positive test.

“We are grateful for all the support from our families, staff and pupils, particularly in following guidance sent home and for helping with remote learning,” Ms Jackson said.

"We understand parents might be worried but we want to assure them the measures we have taken to date are in line with government advice and guidelines and we are continuing to work with Public Health England and Norfolk County Council.”

Parents have been advised that lessons at home will continue each day for those isolating with daily English, Maths and foundation subjects from Snettisham Primary's curriculum.

Pupils at the school have also been reminded of the importance of washing their hands and using hand sanitiser.

Ms Jackson added: "Our school remains open and all our other students should continue to attend as normal if they remain well."

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