Snettisham Mobile Post Office

Snettisham Mobile Post Office
Photo credit: Post Office Media

Four-day-a-week service for Snettisham

Snettisham Parish Council has confirmed that the mobile Post Office will be visiting four times each week from 20/1/20. The times will be Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 12:50 to 13:50, and Fridays from 13:50-14:50.

The Council has agreed that the van can use the hatched ‘Keep Clear’ area on the Square for its visits, and they ask people to ensure that there is room for a larger vehicle to access this in both directions.

The council remains concerned about parking on the hatched area outside the old newsagent/Post Office. A spokesman for the council said: “I would again remind Villagers that this area is to be kept clear - it is intended as a safe space for children to use on the way to School, not for parking.”

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