Slimming in lockdown - Tash’s transformation

Slimming in lockdown - Tash’s transformation

Tash joined the local Slimming World group on 15th January 2020 after having decided this was going to be her now or never attempt to lose the weight that she had battled with since childhood.

Having tried Slimming World before Natasha was determined this time was going to be different and she left group that first week armed with ideas and inspiration to get her off to a strong start in fact she achieved her half stone award the next week having lost 7.5lbs at her first weigh in. She committed to staying to group every week for her dose of motivation and sharing of ideas and continued losing week after week and at the beginning of March achieved her 2 stone award just before we learned that the Covid 19 pandemic would force our group to temporarily close its doors. Tash was devastated and fearful of what that might mean for her new found motivation and success thankfully Slimming World found a way to offer a temporary solution and we started holding groups on Zoom each week; this actually proved to be a real lifesaver for many members during those weeks of lockdown & isolation it was our chance to see and support each other and have a sense of normality. Tash was thrilled and was one of the first to book her space on the screen.

Each week she inspired us with how she was coping with all of the challenges covid was throwing us and she found new ways of dealing with those stresses including Body Magic which is Slimming Worlds way of encouraging members to embrace activity for long term lifestyle benefits. We took part as a group in a virtual walking challenge to walk the coast of Britain and Tash and other members of the group started the Couch to 5k program too. Tash said as a result of food optimising and body magic: “that she is fitter and healthier than she has ever been and her mental state has improved 100%.”

We literally watched her shrink on our screens week after week as she continued to lose weight.

With full Covid secure safety measures in place we were finally able to re-open our doors the first week of September, 6 months after we closed them. Our very first session of the morning saw Tash achieve her 6 stone award and reach her target weight having dropped from a size 20/22 to a size 6/8. Her fabulous achievements saw her voted as our Woman of the Year 2020 for our 8.45 session at the end of September too. Tash shared with us all how she used to want to hideaway but now she is feeling like a new woman and she is much more confident, likes having her photos taken and loves clothes shopping. Tash said: “I was so nervous and embarrassed about joining but I needn’t have been - everyone was lovely. I would say to anyone wanting to join, leave your worries at the door and do it! You won’t look back.”

Now we have a second lockdown and it would be easy to put off your weight loss journey but we are still here and can support you - we are operating Slimming World from home and that includes Virtual Image Therapy via Zoom. Just call me, Jo Jackson on 07942 818 059.

Your BMI is a factor in covid battles. Tash dropped hers from an at risk 39.3 to a healthy 23.2 and consequently has come off all her medication for high blood pressure too.

As part of the government’s ‘Get healthier after lockdown’ local GPs are currently able to offer a free 12 week referral to Slimming World for anyone with a BMI of over 30 or if people just want to get healthier there is a #betterhealth campaign if they visit valid until 22.11.20 they can print off a free membership voucher when they sign up to 6 weeks.

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