Sir Henry Bellingham meets climate change protesters

Sir Henry Bellingham meets climate change protesters

A co-ordinated global day of action saw climate change protestors gather outside Boots in King’s Lynn town centre this afternoon.

Local MP Sir Henry met with the group that included Dr Charles Gardner, Lecturer of Biodiversity at the University of Kent pictured here wearing a blue jacket and yellow badge.

Sir Henry said: “We are going green, we have the best climate change policies in the western world and lower CO2 emissions in 2019 than we had in 1919. There’s a lot to do, we need to go carbon neutral, wean ourselves off oil, have more electric cars and charging points. We need to sort out the plastics problem and be more eco-friendly. Everyone has a role to play and I think that climate change has become mainstream.”

Asked about the flood risk in the area Sir Henry continued: “We have to attack the cause of the problem why sea levels are rising and that is because we are polluting the planet, because of global warming.”

Sir Henry asked Dr Garner to forward information to him directly and he said he was having a meeting with the Borough Council later in the afternoon where he would bring up the matter of whether or not a Climate Emergency should be declared by the King’s Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council. He also said we should also beware of “gesture politics” that can't achieve any more than is already being done.

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