Show time for the 694th Lord Mayor!

Show time for the 694th Lord Mayor!
Lord Mayor Elect Nicholas Lyons

A new Lord Mayor is appointed every year and Nicholas Lyons, the incoming Mayor, lives in Wells-next-the-Sea.

Route: From The Mansion House via Cheapside and St Paul’s Cathedral to the Royal Courts of Justice.

The noisiest, largest, and most colourful event in the City of London’s calendar takes place on Saturday 12 November, bringing together over 6,500 people, 250 horses, and over 50 decorated floats in a major spectacle that dates back to the 13th century.

Nicholas Lyons, who has been elected as the 694th Lord Mayor of the City of London and will take office on Friday 11 November, will ride in the procession in the golden State Coach, which has been used in every Lord Mayor’s Show since 1757, and is the oldest ceremonial vehicle in regular use in the world.

The annual event, which celebrates the City’s ancient past and modern outlook, enables the Lord Mayor to ‘show’ himself or herself to the public.

Cheered on by an estimated 250,000 people lining the City’s streets and millions watching the live BBC coverage and online streaming of the event, the procession will leave the Lord Mayor’s official residence, The Mansion House, at 11.00am.

Lord Mayor Elect Nicholas Lyons said:

“Come rain or shine, the huge crowds and their sheer enthusiasm for the Show never fail to surprise and delight everyone involved in it, and I hope that as many people as possible will join me for this remarkable, inclusive, and diverse event.

“The Lord Mayor’s Show and the role of the Lord Mayor are unique. I am looking forward to taking part and feeling a mixture of pride and excitement as well as a clear-headed focus about the year ahead.

“‘Financing our Future’ is my mayoral theme. Together we will promote a resilient, resourceful, and responsible City. We will focus on fuelling the economy to help supercharge economic growth and investment nationwide, and boosting the UK’s global competitiveness. All this will be underpinned by a commitment to financial inclusion for everybody.”

As Lord Mayor of the City of London Nicholas Lyons will become the elected head of the City Corporation. He will serve as a global ambassador for the UK-based financial and professional services industry and will succeed the current Lord Mayor Vincent Keaveny.

The Lord Mayor acts as an international spokesperson for the City, leading business delegations overseas to key international markets on behalf of the UK’s financial and professional services industry.

The Lord Mayor's Show will be live-streamed at Wells Maltings from 10.15am on Saturday.

In a statement the Quay workers said: "Our parade entry will be 70 people, mostly key workers from our town, along with local school children. 

"The 70yr old Leyland Tiger, Char A-Banc, bus from the beach road will be the centrepiece in the parade, the bus will help to carry the key workers and to allow us to display the fantastic attractions that make up our entry.

"The school children are helping to make banners, the banners will then be on wind breaks to showcase the iconic elements of our town, including our beach huts, our seagulls, the gantry over the Quay, our beach and pinewoods, our Staithe Street, buckets & spades, the lobster pot Christmas Tree, the brilliant carnival acts and a lady on stilts, in a shimmery dress, with beach huts on her arms, yes you read that right.

"This is a real community effort and we appreciate your continued support to help make this possible!

"Thank you so much to those people who generously funds to ensure that as many volunteers as possible can take part in the parade. 

"We continue to fundraise with the aim of reaching our final target before the big day.

"For example, we'd like to sponsor the cost of a souvenir programme for each participant and also cover the cost of accommodation inLondon for a couple of key Quay workers (namely the bus driver and engineer)."

Please contact by email: if you'd like to get involved or if you'd like to make a contribution please visit

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