School golf event goes with a swing

School golf event goes with a swing
Children from Years 1 to 4 took part in the event. Photo credit: Ian Burt

Young golfers from three West Norfolk primary schools honed their chipping and putting skills at an event in Terrington St Clement’s.

The School Sports Partnership Tri-Golf Festival was organised by St Clement’s High School and hosted by Walpole Cross Keys Primary School, whose pupils were joined by their counterparts from Clenchwarton and West Lynn Primary Schools.

Children from Years 1 to 4 took part in the afternoon, which saw them divided into teams to enjoy a range of golf-related games and activities, overseen by Schools Sports Coordinator Tracey Bower, from St Clement’s.

WEB school golf 2 Photo credit: Ian Burt

“Walpole hosted the Tri-Golf Festival on behalf of the St Clement’s cluster for pupils in Years 1 & 2 and 3 & 4,” explained Billy Overton, Assistant Headteacher at Walpole Cross Keys.

“The Golf Festival is called a festival as it’s non-competitive without an overall winner. It’s called ‘tri-golf’ as there are only three things needed – clubs, balls and course.

“The children undertook a range of chipping and putting games and completed their scorecards for their own personal interest, as there were no winners or losers.”

“The event was held on our school field at Walpole Cross Keys,” he continued. “Teams were of ten, although Walpole was a little higher, so there were between 70 and 80 pupils.

WEB school golf 3 Photo credit: Ian Burt

“Carol Jones, Class 2 teacher, led the teams for Walpole, along with two of our teaching assistants, Katy Shingles and Dawn Adams.”

St Clement’s High School, Walpole Cross Keys, Clenchwarton, and West Lynn are all members of the West Norfolk Academies Trust.

It was the first time Walpole Cross Keys had hosted the annual golfing event – although the school had prepared its pupils.

“We have been running after-school and lunchtime golf activities, so we hoped Walpole would have the edge,” added Mr Overton.

WEB school golf 4 Photo credit: Ian Burt

“We are surrounded by three great golf clubs in King’s Lynn Golf Club, Middleton Hall Golf Club, and Tilney Eagles Golf Club, and we hope to have inspired our pupils to take the sport further and show an interest in some of the local facilities.”

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