Royal Air Force Bircham Newton Heritage Centre re-opens

Royal Air Force Bircham Newton Heritage Centre re-opens

Trial re-opening of the Royal Air Force Bircham Newton Heritage Centre on Sunday, 30th of August

Approval has been given by the National Construction College to conduct a trial re-opening of the RAF Heritage Centre on Sunday, 30th of August. FACEBOOK RAF Bircham Newton Heritage Centre

It will be opened in compliance with current Covid 19 guidance. Hand sanitisation will be required and face masks or some form of face covering will be recommended when you are inside the Centre. The Heritage Centre is going to implement a one-way system with social distance markers similar to that found in shops and supermarkets. They are also going to limit the number of family groups inside the centre at any one time to a maximum of three. In addition, there will be a welcome desk outside where you can sit down and meet the staff in the open air to discuss any specific items of interest or to ask questions. Strict social distancing will also apply here.

Open from 10am until 4pm.

Disabled access & toilets will be available, and car parking and entrance will be free. Visitors are asked not to all turn up at exactly 10am, which would result in queueing to enter the Centre. Staggered arrival times would be more convenient for all.


If this trial opening is successful, and the National Construction College agrees, the Heritage Centre hopes to conduct further openings in September, October and on Remembrance Sunday in November.

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