Road at Welney Wash closed due to flooding

Road at Welney Wash closed due to flooding

The causeways at Welney and Sutton Gault have been engulfed by up to 54cm of water and the road has now been closed, after trapped motorists abandoned their cars and were rescued by the fire service during the week.

The Environment Agency are liaising with Norfolk and Cambridgeshire Highways, who have decided to close the roads with more heavy rainfall expected throughout the day.

The road is a 53-mile stretch and is below sea level, leaving it at risk of intense and regular flood with heavy rainfall often leaving sections of the road underwater.

With further wet weather expected throughout the region with a yellow weather warning still in place, the Environment Agency and the AA are urging drivers to stay away from flood water this winter.

Three quarters of drivers (74%) would risk driving through flood water, despite it being the leading cause of death during a flood, according to statistics from the Environment Agency and the AA.

Just 30cm of moving water is enough to float a car, and by driving through flood water, drivers open themselves up to the risk of being swept away and having to be rescued or getting stranded after their car engine takes in water and stops.

Ben Sheridan, AA Patrol of the Year, said:

“Trying to drive through flood water puts you and your passengers at risk, but it can also cause damage to your car. It only takes an egg-cupful of water to wreck your engine and on many cars, the engine’s air intake is low down at the front.”

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