Ringstead Open Gardens

Ringstead Open Gardens

Ringstead residents opened their gardens for the public’s viewing pleasure on Sunday 7th July for their 42nd Open Gardens festival.

It was a gloriously sunny Sunday when visitors were treated to an array of aesthetically pleasing delights, including a Flower Festival in St Andrew’s Church celebrating ‘Women in the Bible.’

The Village Hall functioned as a pit stop for refreshments, lunch, seating and entertainment. Inside the Hall was local fine artist Helga Joergens’ artwork available for viewing and purchase.

12 gardens in total were opened and visitors were enthralled with the stunning natural beauty of the gardens. Particular highlights included a derelict tower located in Ringstead Bury Garden, historical artefacts from Ringstead from the local history group and the stunning floral arrangements in St Andrew’s Church.

Organiser Sara Stocks said: “It is the 42nd year of doing it and it’s been a really good day. The gardens are beautiful and we’re known for the teas and the lunches and what it does for the village comradeship. We all volunteer and it’s really hard work but it’s always really successful.”

The proceeds from the day in the main go toward St Andrews Church.

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Ringstead open gardens

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