Rescued: Lilo with two people drifting two miles out to sea

Two Shouts for Hunstanton RNLI Hovercraft on Thursday 25th June.

At 4.19pm Hunstanton RNLI Hovercraft was requested to go to the aid of a lilo with two persons drifting out to sea off Heacham beach.

Hunstanton RNLI Hovercraft, Hunstanton Flyer, proceeded to the area and located the lilo with two people aboard about two miles out to sea. Both were taken on board the hovercraft wet and cold. One suffering a cut foot. First aid was applied and the couple, male & female, were taken ashore at Heacham into the care of the local coastguard response team. Our hovercraft returned to station.

At 6.07pm as the team were cleaning down the hovercraft, they were tasked to go to Brancaster wreck sands as several people were cut off by the returning tide.

On arrival five people were taken on board the hovercraft, two ladies, two teenage lads and a 6 year old girl. They were landed on the beach into the care of the local coastguard response team.

HW 10.30pm. Vis. Good Sea state Slight. Wind SE 2 Weather Sunshine/ Cloud