Redevelopment proposals for Hunstanton Infant School - response to consultation comments

Redevelopment proposals for Hunstanton Infant School - response to consultation comments

An update to our story of 28th January.

The team at Repton wanted to provide and update on their proposals for the development of the former Infant School site. They have written to T&A saying that they were pleased to see so many positive comments and received well over 50 follow-up questions. While they weren’t required to carry out local consultation before the planning application was submitted, they say the response has shown the value in taking this step and they would like to thank local residents for their input. Their report is as follows:

Scheme design

Many of you agreed the design was pleasing but there was concern about whether Repton would sell on the planning permission or change the design during the planning process. We confirm that the design being consulted on is the one we will be submitting for Planning and propose to build subject to any requirements imposed by the planning process. We were also asked about:

  • Why we don’t have Solar Panels - These are being considered as part of the overall sustainability strategy which is targeting 15% improvement on current building regulations.
  • Materials for gardens - Grass, paving and planting. Details to be agreed with the Council via an appropriate planning condition.
  • James St/Valentine St road junction visibility - The Highways Authority raised no concerns regarding visibility at this junction as part of the pre- application enquiry process. The current proposals have increased this visibility due to a change in layout. However, NCC Highways will be consulted again once the planning application is submitted.
  • Concerns regarding buildings being erected closer to boundaries, loss of light - This scheme has been designed to not be intrusive and the planning authority have not raised any concerns.

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Construction management

Management of construction traffic and coordination with Whitley Press site was an issue raised by several local residents .

A construction management plan will be required and will need to be agreed with KLWN Council- development will then progress in accordance with the plan. Liaison will take place with the Whitley Press Site developers to help co-ordinate works. A Photographic survey of surrounding roads and pavements will be taken prior to commencement of development to ensure there is a record of condition. The current understanding is that the scheme will not require piling and the rest of the building works are relatively ‘light’ in nature and pose no threat to neighbouring buildings.

Site contractors will be chosen on quality as well as price and will be expected to adhere to strict codes of conduct.

Parking and effect on neighbouring streets

The scheme is policy compliant for Parking standards and all parking is ‘on site’ and ‘off street’. The scheme includes proposals for 1 parking space per 1-bedroom home and 2 spaces for each 2- and 3-bedroom home. Cycle storage will also be provided, and the site is located in an accessible central location.

Repton have not applied to remove or change any yellow lines on neighbouring streets. The traffic to be generated by 11 homes will be significantly less intensive than the previous school use, or an alternative commercial or educational use.

The scheme can be serviced from existing utility provision and will not require any upgrading of sub-stations etc.

The freehold/leasehold arrangements for the scheme have yet to be finalised but any common parts are likely to require a management company.


As has been noted, there was a Covenant with the former freeholders over the site. This has been settled through commercial negotiation and the Secretary of State for Education has given consent to dispose and repurpose the buildings.

Next steps

The scheme is being submitted for planning in early March and there will be the normal consultation period for interested parties to make further representations through the usual channels. Should the scheme be successful in the planning process, Repton will aim to make a start on site in Late Summer 2021 with a proposed completion date of mid-summer 2022.

We hope the above answers and addresses your comments and queries regarding the proposals for the Infant School site. Your comments (anonymised) and the above response from the Repton team will be submitted as part of the upcoming planning application within the Statement of Community Involvement.

Based on the enquiries T&A received we asked some questions including:

  1. Will there be any restriction on second home ownership?
  2. Will some/all properties be reserved for full-time locals and if so, how?
  3. What is the proposed price pointing on the properties?

At the time of posting, we have not had a response.

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