Recycle Week 2019: Reuse shop opens at Heacham

Recycle Week 2019: Reuse shop opens at Heacham

As the 2019 national Recycle Week gets underway today, Monday 23 September, there has been a warm welcome for the opening of two new reuse shops in Norfolk and actions to cut waste in the county.

Two brand new shops at Heacham and Wereham recycling centres are now up and running, and even though they have only been open for a short while the team on site say they are already proving very popular. Each one of Norfolk’s now 13 reuse shops stops on average 91 tonnes of good quality reusable items being thrown away every year.

Darrin, who works at Heacham recycling centre said: "Everyone says its really interesting and a much better way of recycling waste, by giving people a chance to reuse it first. People also can’t believe the sort of things that get thrown away. So far its going really well and people seem to love the shop here.”

Cllr Andy Grant, Norfolk County Council Cabinet Member for Environment & Waste, said: “We’re proud that the recycling rate in Norfolk’s recycling centres has been more than 75% for the past four years, so I’d like to extend my gratitude to everyone in Norfolk who recycles their unwanted items.

“As we signed the Courtauld Agreement this summer we want to do our bit to help Norfolk make food and drink production and consumption more sustainable and reduce food waste. So this week we’re taking an important step in cutting waste at County Hall as from now on we will only be using reusable cups. This will immediately cut the number of cups used from more than 110,000 a year, to almost zero. This is the first of what I hope will be many changes we’ll see from the council, people and businesses across the county to further cut waste and reuse more.”

In addition to only using reusable cups county hall staff are being invited to join a #FoodSavvy lunch club challenge. More than 50 people are already signed-up and are planning to go for a month without any single use packaging at lunchtime.

Also during Recycle Week people are being reminded that there is still a chance to buy a cut price compost bin. Autumn is a time when people prune and clear leaves ready for the winter – and composting garden waste is a great way to ensure there is a good supply of free compost for the following year. Cut price compost bins are available to order at or can be bought at any of Norfolk’s 20 recycling centres.

Norfolk’s recycling centres accept all household waste for free, this includes sofas, mattresses, carpets and underlay, green garden waste and all electrical items. To find what you can take to your local recycling centre visit:

Press release courtesy of Norfolk County Council.

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