Proposals to improve the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital junction with Gayton Road

Proposals to improve the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital junction with Gayton Road
Image: Norfolk County Council

Have your say - the deadline for comments is Friday 26 April 2024.

Plans to improve Gayton Road in King’s Lynn are open for consultation, with the aim of delivering improvements to bus services from the hospital and making facilities in the area better for people travelling on foot or by bicycle. If approved, construction is planned towards the end of this year.

The project proposals are to improve the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital junction for buses exiting right on to Gayton Road since they are currently being slowed down by the positioning of a pedestrian refuge island. There are also plans to create a new, better-located Zebra crossing and to relocate a bus stop. Further up to the road, near the Winston Churchill Drive junction, there are also proposals to upgrade the existing staggered pedestrian crossing and replace it with a Toucan crossing so people who are cycling can also use the crossing facilities.

Councillor Graham Plant, cabinet member for highways, infrastructure and transport, said: “We’re using funding awarded to us by the Department for Transport for our Bus Service Improvement Plan to invest in infrastructure at strategic locations, relieving areas of congestion that affect buses so we can deliver better, more punctual services. On this occasion, we’re also combining the consultation with proposed improvements as part of King’s Lynn’s Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan so we can take a joined-up approach to our plans.

“We’d like anyone who uses this part of Gayton Road on a regular basis, whether they’re a bus passenger, motorist or travelling on foot or by bicycle, to share their views on the proposals and help inform the next steps for the projects.”

Councillor Robert Colwell, local member for Gaywood South in King’s Lynn, said: “Residents have mentioned previously to me that they would like a better crossing in the vicinity of the hospital, across the Gayton Road. It is a busy road, as one of the key routes into and out of King's Lynn. Now is the chance to share your views on this proposed scheme, which aims to make things safer for patients and staff in Gaywood South.”

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