Problems hearing?

Problems hearing?

Anna Pugh talks about the job of a Hearing Therapist Audiologist.

When I tell people I'm a Hearing Therapist Audiologist, they often look puzzled and ask " what do you do?" the answer is easy: all things ears! From safe, professional wax removal, support coping with tinnitus and balance problems to hearing assessments, hearing aids and help with hearing conservation and memory.

Hearing and listening are two very different things. We hear automatically: our ears are working even when we are asleep, but listening takes effort and practice, and we can quickly lose those skills. We start to lose our hearing very gradually from around 47.. It starts with not hearing clearly in the car or when the kettle's on, in the supermarket or when you're with a group of people, and gradually you get used to it and try turning up the tv ( which makes it louder, not clearer) or complaining that people mumble... or worse, you begin to avoid times when you have to listen and join in.

Here, at The Drift Complementary Health Centre in Heacham, our clinic offers support, advice and the newest technology : from microsuction for wax removal, online tinnitus counselling, to Bluetooth connected rechargeable custom made in the ear hearing aids which can be remotely adjusted when you're in your own home and I'm in clinic!

To discuss how we can help you, please call on 01485 205085 or email

Keep listening!!!

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