Official launch of Barclays Local site in Hunstanton with James Wild MP

Official launch of Barclays Local site in Hunstanton with James Wild MP
From left: Lianne Coupland (Deputy Customer Care Director), Asif Ayub (Assistant Customer Care Leader), James Wild MP, Michael Ruston (Hunstanton Mayor) and Jan Roomes (Town Clerk)

Barclays say that customers can talk to Barclays staff face-to-face at the new facility while using the Post Office for everyday banking needs.

James Wild MP cut the ribbon at the official opening of the banking service situated in the former Tourist Information Centre at the front of Hunstanton’s Town Hall on Monday (14th August).

The cashless office that replaces the former Barclays Bank branch in the town is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9.30 to 12:30 and 13:00 to 15.30 and Barclays say that their staff will be on hand from Tuesday to Friday offering face to face financial support and education for customers, without the need to travel. 

They offer drop in and pre-booked appointments. Although customers cannot telephone the office directly, they can make an appointment by calling 0345 7 345 345.

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James Lloyd (Specialist Customer Care) and James Wild MP

Lianne Coupland, Barclays Deputy Customer Care Director said“We’re delighted to launch the new Barclays Local in Hunstanton. This new service represents our commitment to customers and the local community who wish to continue to have in-person support by offering the ability to visit Barclays locally, albeit in a different environment.”

“Customers visiting us will be able to access a wide range of services, including assistance with finances and money management. We will also offer free digital skills workshops and fraud and scams awareness events for the community.”

Customers needing to complete everyday banking transactions will need to go to their local Post Office.

James Wild MP said: “It was a pleasure to officially open the new Barclays Local service which offers access to customers with a range of banking needs.

"With around 100 customers a week, it is demonstrating the continuing importance of face-to-face services and advice for customers on banking, savings, mortgages, fraud, and other issues.”

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