Norfolk’s composting special offer set to cut 225 tonnes of waste

Norfolk’s composting special offer set to cut 225 tonnes of waste

1,500 cut price home compost bins available online and through recycling centres.

Popular Bokashi compost bins are again joining a range of cut-price compost bins to suit gardens large and small as Norfolk is urged to Root for Nature as the county’s waste and recycling team are calling for even more people to switch to composting at home to help reduce and recycle more of their waste.

With more than a third of the contents of people’s bins at home made up of waste that could simply be composted the aim is to make it easier for people to join the thousands of others who have already discovered the benefits of composting.

The campaign aims to sell 1,500 cut price home compost bins online and through recycling centres, meaning that an additional 225 tonnes of waste will be composted at home each year.

And as Norfolk now has more than 60 expert Master Composter volunteers who can offer composting help and advice it’s easier than ever to start composting:

Ann Wiltshire, a Norfolk Master Composter, said: “Composting gives me a feeling of satisfaction. Every time I add more organic matter into the compost bin, I notice how quickly the level has shrunk down. The smell and feel of freshly made compost is wonderful. I get free quality compost and I know exactly what ingredients have gone into making it!”

And for anyone wondering how to get started here’s a great bit of advice:

Norfolk Master Composter, Bee Springwood, said: “You don’t need a big garden to make compost. Just place your compost bin on bare soil or slabs, put in a good mix of wet materials like veg peelings and dry materials like twigs and cardboard. Then let nature recycle your waste into wonderful compost”

Products available:

  • 220 litre black bins at £10
  • 330 litre black bins at £12.50
  • 220 litre green bins at £12
  • 330 litre green bins at £14.50

(plus buy one compost bin get one half price)

  • Bokashi twin pack

Find out more about composting and buy a cut price compost bin here:

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