Norfolk lifeboat crew to push the boat out for flag day

Norfolk lifeboat crew to push the boat out for flag day
From left: Lewis Clelland, Leesa Espley, Louise Kyle and David Clelland. Credit: RNLI/Chris Bishop

Hunstanton's volunteer RNLI crew will be bringing their inshore lifeboat Spirit of West Norfolk to town, as supporters take to the streets to collect funds for the charity that saves lives at sea.

The lifesaving craft will be at The Spinney, near the junction of the High Street and Westgate on Saturday, 26 August, from around 9am.

As part of the station's Flag Day, crew members will be on hand to talk about their life saving work, which would not be possible without the donations and legacies which help more than 230 stations around the coast of the UK and Republic of Ireland to provide a 24/7 search and rescue service, 365 days a year.

Lee Torrice, Senior Lifeboat Helm and Senior Hovercraft Commander at Hunstanton RNLI, said: 'We’re hoping people will come to see our lifeboat, which plays a vital role in keeping people safe around our coastline.
'We’re proud of our vessel and all she’s helped our crew achieve over the years.'This is only possible because of our supporters both in and around the town and further afield, who give so generously to the charity we’re all part of.
'Your donations on the day will help us to continue saving lives at sea.'

WEB lifeboat stormy skies

Hunstanton RNLI lifeboat Spirit of West Norfolk launches under stormy skies. Credit: RNLI/Chris Bishop

Since Hunstanton's current station opened in 1979, Spirit of West Norfolk and her predecessors have helped save 140 lives and render assistance to more than 600 people who found themselves in difficulty or in danger.
In 2003, she was joined by the hovercraft Hunstanton Flyer, which has since then been launched 248 times, saved 13 lives and assisted a further 150 people.

The crew train constantly to meet the challenges they face ranging from people cut off by the tide, to assisting vessels in difficulty and those aboard them or searching for missing persons.

They are supported by volunteers including launch crew, shore crew and tractor drivers, along with the station's visits team, shore safety team and members of the Hunstanton Lifeboat Guild who run the station's souvenir shop and organise fund raising events for the RNLI.
Flag day is also an opportunity to find out more about how you could join them, by volunteering for the charity which saves lives at sea.

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