News from Brancaster School

News from Brancaster School

We are now on our summer holidays but I collected comments from the children before Term finished!

The last three weeks of term were one non-stop whirl of events and I think everyone did amazingly well to keep up with what was happening when!

WEB sports day

We had sports day at last after all the rain. We nearly didn’t because there was a bit of rain but it stopped before it was too late. We were in three teams and the green team won. It was really fun and we all worked really hard. Thank you Keeley Anne for running it and thank you PFA for drinks and ice lollies.

WEB 1856

Thrift Class had our trip to the beach. It was a lovely day and we made sandcastles and turned each other into sand mermaids and were allowed into the shallow bit of sea that was like a pool. And we had ice creams. Xavier dropped his before he had eaten any but the nice man gave him another one.

WEB opera

We performed an opera, The Magic Flute. Everyone thought it might be too hard for us but the teachers said we could – and we did. Mrs Talbot and Mr Johnson were really good teachers. Monica came (Mrs Bocking’s Mum) and she knows all about opera and she was really impressed. We want to do another one now.


We also had a trip to Ken Hill which is like Forest School. There were so many activities to do and we made dens and toasted marshmallows and played games. We learnt about skulls and did some bug hunting.

Finally we had leavers assembly when we got prizes and certificates and said goodbye to Oliver and everyone else who was leaving – including Mrs O and Mrs Preston.

WEB  eating

All the photos are on our blog: so do have a look. Thank you to people who gave money to help us do these things.

School starts for the children on Wednesday 6th September (staff are back on 4th). Half Term is 20th – 29th October and term finishes for Christmas on 20th December.

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