New civic team at the Borough Council

New civic team at the Borough Council
From left: Mayor Lesley Bambridge and Deputy Mayor Margaret Wilkinson

The Mayor Making ceremony took place last evening in King's Lynn.

Having served as Deputy Mayor for a year, Lesley Bambridge became the new Borough Mayor. A Borough Councillor for a town centre ward for some 15 years, she was also the first woman President of Trinity Rotary. She has volunteered for various organisations: The Child Contact Centre, the Winter Night Shelter, as a Trustee for West Norfolk Carers and has been a school governor for over twenty years. In her first speech as Mayor she said she felt very honoured to take on the role.

In her 40th year as a Borough Councillor Margaret Wilkinson was elected as Deputy Mayor, a role she previously held for two years from 2019. Her years of unbroken service make her one of the longest serving councillors. A spokesman for the Borough said: “Margaret has undertaken a variety of positions, including chair of the environment committee, and she was proud to oversee many initiatives from which we still benefit from today.”

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