More development in Hunstanton?

More development in Hunstanton?

New information has come to light from Syderstone Parish Council’s September minutes regarding potential housing development near the Lighthouse and a car park in Hunstanton.

Independent borough councillor Chris Morley reported during the meeting that Hunstanton is being looked at as an area for new development.

An excerpt from the minutes are recorded below:

“The Local Plan Review will be highlighting the number of properties required to be built overall (555 new homes required each year for King’s Lynn and West Norfolk) with proposals for properties at Knights Hill and West Winch, although Hunstanton car park and land near the Lighthouse are also being looked at.”

It is not clear in the report which car park and which area of land it is that is being considered.

Cllr Morley also noted during the meeting that he is lobbying to keep the swimming pool at CITB open for the 16 schools which currently use its facilities.

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