Mock Wedding sealed with Hula Hoops!

Mock Wedding sealed with Hula Hoops!

On Wednesday 6th July, year three pupils from Dersingham Primary and Nursery school went to St Nicholas Church for a very special occasion.

The children dressed up for the occasion and made cup cakes the day before so they could enjoy the wedding party afterwards with a glass of something lovely. (Squash not champagne!)

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This was an opportunity for the children to learn more about Marriage in church including the meaning. And to add a fun element to the learning occasion, Rev Mark opened a pack of Hula Hoops and they became the rings which the happy couple exchanged much to the smiles of all gathered for the service. Children read the bible reading from 1 Corinthians 13 talking about importance of love and other children read some prayers which was followed by the Lord’s Prayer.

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To help make it an extra special occasion, the organ was played for the arrival of the bride and the procession at the end as well as the bells ringing combining in offering the children an amazing fun and immersive experience to be remembered. A pretend marriage certificate was signed which is now in the year 3 classroom as a reminder of the special occasion. The couple lit candles to help with the learning of the importance of a wedding day.

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The grandfather of the bride jokingly commented: “I always hoped to be at the wedding of my granddaughter, but it was a lot sooner than I expected!!”

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Rev Mark said: “It is always a joy to lead a wedding and today it is an opportunity for the children to learn in an interactive, fun and special way about Marriage; the children enjoyed themselves and special thanks to the happy couple for being such great sports and going along with it – you never know in years to come they may be back for me to marry them officially!”

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All photos: Ian Burt

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