Mayor praises Community Fridge volunteers

Mayor praises Community Fridge volunteers

Hunstanton's volunteer-led Community Fridge has saved three and a half tonnes of perfectly edible food from landfill since it was launched six months ago.

“This a tribute to the immense amount of hard work that goes on behind the scenes. The loyal volunteer team have really made this project a success,” said Mayor of Hunstanton Adrian Winnington.

He added: “The Community Fridge idea now is gathering momentum all over the country, and I look forward to hearing some ideas about how we can expand ours and take it to a new level.”

The staggering statistics about how much food is rescued is revealed in the latest report from the volunteers, who offer the food for free to visitors to Hunstanton’s Community Centre every Wednesday and Thursday morning.

Any excess is then taken to local groups or schools and nothing ever goes to waste.

There are absolutely no restrictions on who can call by and take away items donated to the Community Fridge. Supermarkets and retailers are only too pleased to see food items – such as bread, fruit and vegetables - go onto people’s dinner plates instead of being consigned to the bin.

The volunteers are also delighted with the appreciative comments they get from regular users, knowing that they are doing the environment a power of good. The waste management agency at Norfolk County Council has also paid tribute to the hard-working team.

A spokesperson from the Town Council said: "The Community Fridge is yet another sign of Hunstanton Town Council taking positive action to improve the lives of the community it represents."

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