Local Parish Council make roadside greener with help from Ingoldisthorpe Primary School

Local Parish Council make roadside greener with help from Ingoldisthorpe Primary School
With the children from Ingoldisthorpe Primary School pictured from left: Michelle Young of Just4You Fitness, Debbie Jones (local resident), Parish Councillor Helen Beynon, Parish Councillor Kathy Wallace and Parish Clerk Simon Lee, Matt Franks of Just4You Fitness

Ingoldisthorpe Parish Council has come together with East of England Apples and Orchards to create a greener roadside.

Jennifer Shah, a former Parish Clerk, created the hyper-local scheme to increase the area's biodiversity and offer natural focal points of interest within the village.

The planting expands the parish's current scheme, where an orchard of remembrance was planted in 2019 within the parish's allotments. Each tree represents a serviceman lost in WWI and WWII.

Simon Lee, Parish Clerk, adds, "Planting a community orchard not only provides fresh, free fruit not only for people but also food birds and a wealth of insects. In the Spring, the flowers are an important pollen source for bees. The recent news that this project will be funded through the Tree Council’s Branching Out Project is the icing on the cake"

With the backing and support of Norfolk County Council, Highways Department. Members of the Ingoldisthorpe Parish Council and pupils from the parish primary school. Braved the cold weather and were joined by a local gym - Just4You Fitness, to dig the ten holes and secure the trees in situ. Mel Stollery, Co-founder of Just4You Fitness, adds, "What a privilege to be involved in a forward-thinking project with Ingoldisthorpe Parish Council. At Just4youfitness, we are passionate about our members feeling part of a community. It was a great opportunity to be able to extend this ethos outside of our facility."

This 'green scheme' by Ingoldisthorpe Parish Council is a forward-thinking approach to creating biodiversity within the local area and forms part of the village's more comprehensive plans for developing these natural focal points of interest.

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