‘Let’s Give a Giant Quilt Hug’ launch

‘Let’s Give a Giant Quilt Hug’ launch

The Friends of St Andrew’s Church Little Massingham - FOSALM - and Quilts 4 Care Leavers have joined forces to organise the stitching together of a Giant Quilt ‘HUG’ that will be large enough to wrap around the church!

Rain, rain and more rain heralded the launch of the  ‘Let’s Give a Giant Quilt Hug’ project', but what a fabulous and colourful St Andrew’s awaited the visitors who were determined to make it. 

The weather was appalling, but those who did make it were treated to some spectacular and colourful quilts.

WEB quilts 1

Enthusiastic quilt makers are still offering help to make quilts which will encircle the circumference of the church next May highlighting the need to raise money for the repairs.

FOSLAM member Rosemary Jewers said: "It is going to be an incredibly colourful event when it happens. 

"The funds to restore the roof of this mediaeval building - on the at Risk Register of Heritage England - are beginning to come in but we still have a shortfall of just over £82,000 to restore the roof and more does need doing to the building; the church really does need a hug and some cash along with it!"

The aim is to make the quilts from recycled cotton fabric and at the end of the project the quilts will be given to young adults leaving the care system and taking their first steps towards independent living.

More information at at fosalm.org

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