King’s Lynn parkrun celebrates 600 runs in the Walks

King’s Lynn parkrun celebrates 600 runs in the Walks
Pacers assemble

Saturday 25th May saw 375 runners supported by 44 volunteers gather in The Walks to celebrate its 600th parkrun since it first started in September 2011.

The first run on the 10th September 2011 saw just 61 runners participate, with the numbers attending growing over the interceding years and now averaging 350 each week.

Since the runs first started over 12,000 individual runners have taken part, collectively completing over 138,000 runs, covering over 690,000 kilometres or 428,700 miles.

This week’s run saw runners wearing their parkrun milestone tee shirts, which are awarded for attending both a set number of runs or for volunteering on a set number of occasions.

In addition, runners were also asked to if they would volunteer to act as time pacers for other runners, with a record number agreeing to do so and donning the special pacer vests.

WEB time pacers backs

Time pacers in their special vests

King’s Lynn parkrun event director who, with several others attended the first King’s Lynn parkrun said “I don’t think any of us who attended the very first run envisaged just how successful it would become and just how many individuals would eventually be involved, both visitors and more importantly towns people from across West Norfolk.

Indeed, we now have 4 separate very successful parkruns in our area. The events are all managed entirely by volunteers, which ensures they are kept free for anyone wishing to take part. Those who just wish to walk the distance are now also encouraged to attend, making it a truly inclusive event, open to all, with individual well-being as well as fitness at the heart of what we do.

King’s Lynn also has the benefit of having such a wonderfully maintained park, right in the centre of town, for which we are very grateful.”

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