King's Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council welcome extra funding for the Internal Drainage Board

King's Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council welcome extra funding for the Internal Drainage Board

An extra £205,000 will come into the Borough Council from Government in a £3m package supporting local authorities severely impacted by the increase in levies from Internal Drainage Boards.

The borough council’s proportion of the council tax for an average Band D property is £143.87, and a levy of £61.28 is paid to the Internal Drainage Board for its work to reduce flood risk to people, property, and infrastructure, and to manage water levels for agricultural and environmental needs. The increase in levies is being driven by the unprecedented rise in energy costs that impact particularly energy intensive services including Internal Drainage Boards.

Working with other councils in similar situations, James Wild MP and Councillor Stuart Dark lobbied Levelling Up Minister, Lee Rowley MP to provide additional funding to reflect the challenges facing the borough council and residents from higher costs. 

James Wild MP said: “I am pleased that the government has recognised the particular issues facing the borough council due to the proportion of council tax West Norfolk provides to the IDB. By working closely with Councillor Dark and others, it is welcome that we have successfully made the case and helped to secure this exceptional funding.”

Commenting Councillor Stuart Dark said: “The IDBs do fantastic work across West Norfolk. However their combined cost impacts greatly on the Borough Council’s finances and this pressure has increased greatly this year due to inflationary pressures.

"Whilst not a long-term settlement, I am very pleased that the lobbying I’ve done supported by the Finance Portfolio holder, Cllr Dickinson and Officers on behalf of West Norfolk alongside James, other MPs and similarly affected district council leaders has resulted in recognition of the need for immediate central government support and a payment of over £200k to our Borough, the fifth largest payment of the 15 Councils receiving this new, in year support.”

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