Keep warm this winter at your local library

Keep warm this winter at your local library

Norfolk Libraries to join Warm Welcome campaign.

Norfolk Libraries Service will be making all 47 of its libraries available as part of the Warm Welcome campaign. The scheme supports free, warm, and welcoming spaces in communities across the UK.

Warm Welcome is a national campaign which will work with community spaces, including churches and faith groups, businesses, and local authorities, to ensure that nobody is left to suffer on their own this winter.

Libraries across Norfolk remain open for all and provide a space for people to sit in comfort and access a variety of services on offer. These include reading, doing a jigsaw, playing a board game, or joining in Just a Cuppa or activities.

WEB Library and children

Other free services available at Norfolk libraries include:

  • Tea, coffee, instant soup, and hot chocolate are available during staffed hours
  • Library staff and volunteers can provide visitors with trusted information about other support which is available
  • A variety of bags are available for free, with no questions asked

Open Library gives people access to libraries for a total of 69 hours a week at most libraries, giving visitors access to the library, its books, computers, and spaces, even when the building is unstaffed.

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You can find your nearest library at

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