It's time to choose your Christmas Tree!

It's time to choose your Christmas Tree!
Which one to choose?

A busy weekend of Christmas tree selection is almost upon us, but what should you look for when choosing your tree?

For many people the scent of warm pine in the living room is an essential part of Christmas, and here we share a few tips that will help you choose the best tree for your home.

Firstly, measure the space you have available, remember to allow space for the stand, and be sure there's an electric socket nearby for the fairy lights.

Try to put the tree in a position away from radiators and allow space to get to the base to water it each day, yes, every day to keep it fresh and help it retain its needles.

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Trees at Thaxters

Wendy Warner at Thaxters of Dersingham says: "If you’re choosing a cut tree, freshness is the key. Bright, shiny needles that feel waxy rather than dry are a sure sign of freshness. Avoid trees with browning or withered needles - give it a gentle shake and if lots of needles drop, it’s definitely past its best. Always buy your tree from somewhere where they’re stored outside as this will mean they’ve been kept cooler than if they’ve been in a shop or warehouse. Look for those that are not pre-wrapped or netted as this can cause the tree to sweat and cause inner needles to turn yellow or mouldy. You’ll also get a better idea of the shape of the tree if it’s not already wrapped."

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Ready to be transported

Once you've chosen the tree the seller should net it for you to transport. When you've got your tree home, saw about an inch or so off the bottom before standing it in a bucket of water either outside or in a cold garage or shed. Cutting the trunk gets rid of any dried-over resin that might block the tree from absorbing water. When you are ready to take it inside, remove from the bucket and saw off another inch of the trunk before fixing it in your stand. It's good to have someone with you for this job to make sure the tree is standing up straight! Don't take off the netting until you tree is in position. Once the netting is off leave the tree overnight so the branches can settle before you start to decorate.

Sandringham Sawmill's Peter Bourner recommends the Nordmann Fir for its great needle retention. A tree fit for a queen!

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Nordmann Fir trees at Sandringham Sawmill

WEB IMG 0637

Trees are wrapped ready for transportation at Sandringham Sawmill

Editor's note:
Of course there are other outlets selling Christmas trees in the area, but Thaxters and Sandringham Sawmill advertise with T&A.

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