Ireland End to End: 4 cyclists, 500 miles and 24,000 feet elevation

Ireland End to End: 4 cyclists, 500 miles and 24,000 feet elevation

Four West Norfolk cyclists are to tackle the west coast route of the island of Ireland raising funds for Hunstanton RNLI.

Phil Brown and son Ross Brown, Jim Hodgkinson and Rotarian Jonathan Holmes from Priory Rotary Club of King’s Lynn, will cycle Ireland between Sunday 3rd and Saturday 9th July 2022. The 7 day challenge covers 500 miles of cycling and 24,000 feet of climbing, close to the entire western coastline of Ireland.

This will be a gruelling ride for the men who, whilst no strangers to a challenge, have planned a truly epic adventure. 

Last year Town and Around met up with Phil and Jonathan when they were part of the team that completed the 250 mile round Norfolk ride in aid of Little Discoverers. On that occasion the elevation was 6000 feet.

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Phil is on the toy bike at the front of this picture and Jonathan is standing back row far left.

The Ireland End to End in numbers (and we are including links to the route for those who are interested) go like this:

Day 1

Missin Head to Killarney 75 miles 4,887 feet climbing

Day 2

Killarney to Spanish Point 70 miles 3,519 feet climbing

Day 3

Spanish Point to Galway 72 miles 2,753 feet climbing

Day 4

Galway to Castlebar 78 miles 3,015 feet climbing

Day 5

Castlebar to Bundoran 75 miles 2,875 feet climbing

Day 6

Bundoran to Letterkenny 73 miles 3,938 feet climbing

Day 7

Letterkenny to Mallin Head 51 miles 2,666 feet of climbing

To give some context to this feat of climbing, Khartaphu is a mountain in the Himalayas at the head of the Kharta valley. At 7,213 m (23,665 ft) above sea level, it is the 102nd highest mountain in the world. The peak is located in Tibet Autonomous Region, China about 7 km (4.3 mi) northeast of Mount Everest.

They may not be the Magnificent Seven but T&A would call them the Fantastic Four.

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If you would like to support this cause please use the link below;

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