International junior sailors at Snettisham Beach Sailing Club

International junior sailors at Snettisham Beach Sailing Club
Vlad Klimov sailing a Topper on the RSPB lake at Snettisham Beach SC. Credit: Guy Tasker

Youngsters from Ukraine, Estonia, the USA and Japan are sailing at one of the leading watersports clubs on the East coast.

Vlad Klimov is a 15 year old Ukranian guest staying with member Guy Tasker since he arrived with his mother Tanya in May 2022. He had his first sail with Guy in August 2022 and since then took part in Cadet Week at the club and is now really at home and enjoying solo sailing in a Topper. Although he hopes he doesn’t have to stay here for long, getting into sailing is really helping to make the best use of Vlad’s time in the UK.

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Left to right: Guy Tasker, Jennie Tasker, Vlad Klimov, Tanya Klimov. Credit: Guy Tasker

Equally welcome are Eric and Karl Tallinn, twin brothers from Estonia who are both starting 2 years at Greshams’ School this Autumn and want to carry on their high standard of single handed Laser sailing. Their mother Anneka and dad sought out the club and came for a look around to see what was on offer. Happy with what they saw, they’ve bought the boys some very decent used boats boats and joined the club.

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Left to right SBSC Commodore Adrian Tebbutt, Anneka Tallinn, and her twin sons Eric and Karl Tallinn at SBSC with their new Lasers. Credit: Adrian Tebbutt

Meanwhile the USA and Japan is home to some of the SBSC Cadet Week kids this year. Commodore Adrian Tebbutt said:

“Its really encouraging and interesting to have young sailors from abroad coming to the Club. We’re not quite sure why its happening. I guess people are hearing about us and like what they hear! People around the world see all the Olympic gold medals and world champion sailors that the UK produces and know its special, and when they land in our part of the world, they seek out what in all modesty I think is the very best Club to learn to sail and improve your sailing! ”

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