Information event about the proposal for a Wash Barrier

Information event about the proposal for a Wash Barrier

Hunstanton Town Council (HTC) are to hold a Public Information evening to inform residents about a proposed scheme to construct a Tidal Barrier and Container Port across the Wash from North Norfolk to Lincolnshire.

A spokesperson for the Town Council reported: "HTC recognises that public awareness of the proposal for a Wash Barrier is currently quite limited. It is vital that our residents, along with those of North West Norfolk are fully informed about the proposals and how they will affect them."

The Wash Barrier proposal is a £2 billion scheme that will combine a tidal energy barrier with a container port and an 11-mile roadway connecting Norfolk with Lincolnshire. Proposals have been announced by Centre Port Holdings Ltd and are in the initial feasibility study phase. Funding for the study is provided by the energy utility company Centrica.

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Concerns raised so far include the environmental impact on the Wash, a sensitive area for wildlife on an international scale. From another perspective there would be the production of green energy and the possible protection of the Fens from flooding.

As Chair of Environment at the council and organiser of the event, Cllr. Robert Corby will chair the meeting that will be held on Friday 20th October at Hunstanton Town Hall, starting at 7.00pm.

The spokesperson added "Currently the Council hope to have:

  • A speaker form Centre Port (should be James Sutcliffe) - to outline the proposal and an update on progress.
  • Cllr. Terry Parish Leader Borough Council Kings Lynn and West Norfolk - To outline borough council position and opinions on the proposal
  • Emeritus Professor of Environmental Sciences, Tim Jickells, Oceanographer with research interests in ocean biogeochemistry and coastal management.
  • A speaker from the Wash Management group to discuss coastal flooding and the long term flood management of the Wash. 
  • One or two wildlife/ nature speakers - Jim Scott RSPB, Wild Ken Hill unable to attend due to holiday commitment, we are still waiting to hear back from Norfolk Wildlife Trust.
  • At the end of the meeting it is tea, coffee and biscuits and meet the public.
  • All local Parish councils have been invited to attend

"The meeting will be an open one and all are welcome. Speakers have been invited to explain the different points of view. After the presentations members of the public will be able to ask questions.

"Nearer the date we will produce an updated press release with names of speakers."

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