Increased bus services on 35 and 36 routes on Sundays and Public Holidays

Increased bus services on 35 and 36 routes on Sundays and Public Holidays

Lynx buses will run the 36 route every hour and the 35 route every 20 minutes.

Passengers travelling by bus on Sundays and Public Holidays this winter in West Norfolk are about to benefit from enhancements to the service and an improvement to the travel hub in Hunstanton which will provide better waiting areas with real-time information to help to give passengers a better experience according to Norfolk County Council.

The Coastliner 36 service, operated by Lynx, will continue to run its summer timetable throughout the winter months.

This means that on Sundays and Public Holidays there will be an hourly service running from King’s Lynn to Fakenham along the coast – (instead of every 2 hours).

There are also enhancements to the 35 service which runs from King’s Lynn to Hunstanton which means that buses will now run every 20 minutes on Sundays and Public Holidays (instead of every 30 minutes).

More new and improved routes across Norfolk will start early in the new year and will be announced soon.

At this time the start date for the improved service has not been provided and this report will be updated when that information is available.

This year’s festive bus times are as follows...

24th Dec – Saturday service

25th and 26th Dec - No service

27th Dec – Sunday/Public Holiday service

28th to 30th Dec- Mon-Fri School Holiday service

31st Dec – Saturday service

1st Jan – No Service

2nd Jan – Sunday/Public Holiday service

3rd Jan – Mon-Fri School day service resumes

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