Iconic landmark lit up by Hunstanton Round Table

Iconic landmark lit up by Hunstanton Round Table

On the evening that should have been the 48th year of providing a clifftop firework display, Hunstanton Round Table lit up Hunstanton Lighthouse as an alternative to the annual bonfire display.

Round Table Chairman Matt Hallard said:

“Given that our bonfire and firework display just wasn’t safe or possible we still had to acknowledge the occasion and keep the tradition going.

“At the same time we also got to provide details of our plan for the Christmas Swim this year.

“Instead of the swim we will be hosting a Fancy Dress Ice Bucket Challenge; more detail in regards to how to participate or donate will be released on our Facebook page soon.

“Once the deadline of submission is passed we will find a way to make sure everyone gets their moment of ‘cold shivering fame’ via social media.

“On Christmas Day NO Round Table organised activities will be taking place and we strongly discourage anyone from taking to the water without medical supervision in attendance!

By lighting the lighthouse we were able to bring attention to two wonderful causes.

“Firstly the NHS for all that they have done and will continue to do we ‘light it blue’.

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“Secondly, for the industry, I work in: Entertainment.

“We #lightitinred for #wemakeevents; these hashtags are trending across the UK as the campaign to raise awareness for the plight of many cultural venues and live entertainment suppliers whose doors still remain closed.

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“More importantly, for the tens of thousands of freelancers who support events across the UK who are in a very dark place.

“With minimal government support and no prospect of work on the horizon this is now a crisis of personal financial and psychological damage!

“Our own Princess Theatre remains closed however was one of the lucky few to benefit from the cultural recovery fund to see it through the Winter.

“Finally, we would like to remind our community that if they need help by way of a donation to support their own endeavours to better our town they should get in touch with us at contact@hunstantonroundtable.co.uk

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