Hunstanton Town Council Report

Hunstanton Town Council Report

Let me introduce myself, I am Councillor Wendy Croucher, Chair of Hunstanton Town Council’s General Purpose & Community Committee.

Hunstanton Town Council manages the precept that is paid by residents on their rates, we spend it on facilities and events for town residents. This includes the Town Hall, Community Centre, some bus stops, Dog Poo bins and sand bins amongst other things.

Then there are the events we work hard to put on, like this year’s carnival and the Christmas Light switch on.

We have a budget to award grants on the towns behalf to organisations that help or provide non-profit making services to town residents.

The General-Purpose & Community Committee covers a wide range of topics.

This month this has included revisiting a report we undertook some 3 years ago on disabled facilities and access in the town, (this report can be found on the Hunstanton Town Council website by following this link, overgrown paths, the community Orchard, next year’s carnival arrangements as well as recruiting and retaining new Council members.

We are currently trying to find ways to improve the children’s play equipment at the Recreation Ground in partnership with the Le Strange estate and the Borough Council. If we can find a way to do it this, it will be an exciting project that we may be coming to you, the community, for help and advice on.

There is always some cross over from other committees. We can’t do our work as a committee without the Finance Committee releasing funds and the planning group is linked in with the town plan which is one of our group’s responsibilities. It can get confusing and sometimes actioning small things seem to take a long while.

We are accountable to you the town residents and because of that we must make sure we follow all the right procedures and to make sure we spend your money wisely.

That brings me to another point. The town council should reflect the town residents’ views and for that to happen we need more members of the community to join the council as we currently have six vacancies.

We are also looking for people who have time to volunteer for things like the valuable “Helping Hands Café”.

We have a place for you at the council if you have a limited time, or if you have time for a larger commitment.

I would be particularly pleased to see more women on the council.

Please ring the Town Clerk on 01485532402 if you are willing to get involved.

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