Hunstanton Town Council is looking at ways to support the town

Hunstanton Town Council is looking at ways to support the town

The Mayor of Hunstanton Cllr Tony Bishopp has issued the following statement

We are all too well aware how much our town has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, and like many other seaside resorts along the coast, the lack of visitors due to the lockdown has had the single biggest impact on local businesses.

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For the moment, no-one knows how long the lockdown will last, but the Town Council is already looking at ways we can support the town once the restrictions are lifted and now Virtual Town Council meetings have been approved by parliament, that will be high on our agenda at our next Full Council meeting in May.

Whilst restrictions are still in place, we remain committed to keeping our residents safe, particularly the elderly, vulnerable and the staff and residents in our local care homes. We continue to support and promote local charities and organisations who have come together to provide food and comfort to those in need, and publish contact details on our website and on social media. Additionally, the council have funds available to those in the community who need assistance and our councillors are committed to helping where they can.

Heartbreaking as it is to see our seafront, green and streets so quiet, we are very grateful to those regular visitors who have thoughtfully and respectfully stayed away. We are hoping that it won’t be too long before we can welcome them back to their much-loved ‘Sunny Hunny’.

In the meantime, we are working together to find a way to get our town back on the map once we come through the crisis and will be making further announcements in the coming weeks.

For the moment though, stay safe, stay well and here’s to the future together.

The Town Council's contact details are: Tel:01485 5532402 Website:

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