Hunstanton Advisory Group seeks a volunteer Education Sector Member

Hunstanton Advisory Group seeks a volunteer Education Sector Member
Members of the Hunstanton Advisory Group (HAG)

The group is interested in recruiting a member to represent the needs of education and young people in Hunstanton.

The role will be titled ‘Hunstanton Advisory Group Education Sector Member’ and is voluntary and unpaid. The applicant should be currently employed in education within the Town, regularly work with young people and be in a position to represent their wishes, aspirations and needs.

The successful applicant will work alongside other HAG members in support of HAG aims articulated below. The group meets monthly for a couple of hours. In between meetings members are expected to work to progress project plans allotted to them alongside other members. Initially the Hunstanton Advisory Group Education Sector Member would be expected to spend some time assessing how the Town currently delivers to the needs of its’ young people and propose improvements and change.

Anyone wishing to apply for the role should contact outlining their interest, motivation and their relevant experience/skills/knowledge. Applications will close on 12th May 2023.

The remit of the Hunstanton Advisory Group is to identify and explore projects for the betterment of the town and propose them to the borough and county councils for consideration. Any project proposed should meet one of more of the principles below, i.e. it:
1. enhances and broadens the attraction of the town as a year-round destination
2. makes the town more attractive to business bringing investment and generating jobs and careers
3. provides aspiration and opportunity in the town to a diverse age range
4. future proofs the town’s Infrastructure for residents and visitors. This might encompass transport, green energy and/or sea defences
5. fosters an inclusive, friendly and supportive community working together to better the town
6. respects the heritage of the town, including its architecture and The Green.’

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