How to use your car’s air-conditioning effectively in summer

How to use your car’s air-conditioning effectively in summer

Timely advice from Abigail Brown at K Brown Auto Repairs

It’s getting hot out there - and we’re definitely not complaining! - but that means it’s time to put your car’s air-con to good use. Here are a few tips to make sure you get the most out of it during a heatwave:

Open your doors and windows first

You get in your car on a hot day and it feels like a sauna, so you switch the air-conditioning on full-blast, right? Wrong! To cool your car down fast, first open all the doors and windows to allow the hot air to escape, and cooler air to enter. Once you’ve done this for a couple of minutes, then you can close everything, turn on the AC, and enjoy a cool, comfortable drive.

Tilt the air vents upwards

You may think that angling the air vents towards you when the air-conditioning is on is the best way to cool down; however, this prevents the air circulating, which it needs to in order to work effectively. Instead, tilt the vents upwards so that the air can flow easily around the car’s interior.

Use your air-con regularly

It is recommended that you turn your air-conditioning on regularly - even in winter - to help ensure long-term reliability.

Try and park in a shaded spot

We know that our cars get the most hot when they’re sat in the sun all day. Try and position your car in a shaded spot when parking it to keep it as cool as possible.

Stick to a regular air-conditioning service schedule

The air-conditioning system often gets overlooked when it comes to car maintenance. The last thing you want is to get in your car in hot weather to find the air-conditioning is no longer working. To avoid this, test your air-con regularly to make sure it’s working, and take it to a garage to service if necessary. Most garages include an air-conditioning check as part of their standard service package, so any problems can be identified and fixed. We recommend simply keeping to a regular overall service schedule so you never run into any issues.

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