High street café venture for the Norfolk Deli owners

High street café venture for the Norfolk Deli owners
Owner Mark Kacary outside of the soon-to-be Norfolk Deli Cafe premises

The award-winning deli is branching out into the corner of Hunstanton high street and opening a new café.

Married couple Mark and Rosie Kacary opened the Norfolk Deli six years ago and have enjoyed great success over the years: they were named as runner-up in The Observer Food Monthly Awards and are the only delicatessen to have been a finalist in the Farm Shop & Deli Awards in the Deli of the Year category for three years running.

Now, Mark is hoping to diversify and expand the business and offer something different with the takeover of the premises at 31 High Street (formerly the Wooden Gem). He says:

“We’ve been looking at expanding the business for the last two years, and we’ve looked at a whole variety of places and locations. During the winter months, to be honest, we just get bored and we need more.”

Issues with location proved fundamental, as Mark admits that on an almost daily basis customers were only just discovering the deli for the first time as they are located just off of the high street.

“It’s an ideal location spot: it’s three doors down the road from us, it means that we can service the deli itself and it gives us the opportunity to give people what they want,” he says.

Though they will still be operating the Norfolk Deli in its current location, the café will be a prime opportunity to offer an authentic sit-down experience due to its size, which is something that the deli had been lacking:

“We get lots of people expecting us to be a café, though there’s nothing to suggest that we do, but we are all about takeaway. The Deli will stay almost exclusively a takeaway with a wide variety of sandwiches.”

On the new café, Mark emphasises the uniqueness of the venture and that they will be offering “something totally different”, largely drawing inspiration from Salt, a café Norwich.

“We’re going to be far more catered for light meals. There’s no such thing as an iceberg lettuce in our salads. We provide salads that are wholesome and tasty and mostly cater to a vegan diet,” he says.

“Unlike a standard café, people will be able to come in and purchase a glass of Norfolk wine or a bottle of Norfolk beer along with their meal.”

Mark adds that they will be serving coffee, tea and cake and will offer a small selection of light meals such as sandwiches and salads.

He also cites potential for wine or gin tasting evenings in the future and the possibility of bottomless brunches on Sundays.

They have already employed two new employees for the café and are hoping to open up later this month.

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