Heacham Infant and Nursery School is Good

Heacham Infant and Nursery School is Good

A West Norfolk school instils a love of reading in its pupils who show enthusiasm and excitement for learning, according to a recent Ofsted report.

The children at Heacham Infant and Nursery School are interested in learning and experience awe and wonder at activities based around spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, says the report which was published on 18th October.

“Pupils show excitement and enthusiasm for learning. Staff have high expectations of what pupils can achieve, particularly in learning to read. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy books with adults and with each other,” the inspector said.

The school was rated as Good following the inspection at the start of October. It is smaller than the average infant school with 113 pupils aged from two to seven-years-old and is part of the West Norfolk Academies Trust.

“Leaders, including governors, are ambitious for all pupils. They want them to experience live it the full in modern Britain. They also want all pupils to be ready for the next stage in their education in the junior school,” says the report.

The inspection also found that the Executive Head Teacher, Louise Jackson, leads with experience and enthusiasm and all leaders make sure children learn well in the two-year-old nursery and reception classes. Staff are positive about their work in the school

“I am pleased that Ofsted has noted so many positive attributes at our school where we all work hard to ensure pupils have the very best learning experience from the start. There is always room for improvement, and we will not be complacent in moving forward,” said Ms Jackson.

The report also highlights the forest schools, where pupils have the chance to learn outside, and the fact they join with children from other schools to engage in drama and dance.

“At this early stage, children talk excitedly about learning outdoors in the rain. They can already talk about their imaginative story ideas,” the report says.

There is praise for the teaching of reading and the school environment, which includes story chairs and inviting book displays, creating ‘an environment which fosters a love of reading’ and as a result, pupils do well in the subject.

“Pupils learn to use a lot of new words. They do this right from the very start in the two-year-old classroom. Teachers build on this as pupils move through the school. Adults are great role models. They introduce, repeat and rehearse new words and phrases. Consequently, pupils use these new words and phrases with increasing confidence and accuracy.”

Safeguarding at the school is effective with training up to date and staff clear about what they should do. Leaders follow-up all safeguarding issues and work well with other agencies.

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