Happy students at Smithdon High School on GCSE results day

Happy students at Smithdon High School on GCSE results day
Twins Issy and Ellie Little

Three quarters of students secured Grade Four and above in English and Maths

Half of the students at the Hunstanton school also picked up Grade Five and above in English and Maths. Notable achievers at Smithdon included Emillie Hipkin and Nathaniel Linsell but headteacher John Hirst also mentioned Caytlin Davies, Hassan Miah, Rose Richardson and Declan Davies for the progress they have made while at Smithdon.

Mr Hirst continued: “No-one could have predicted what we would be facing together in 2020 and we are all very proud of our students and staff who have worked so hard in difficult circumstances.

“Today’s results and the grades our students have received are a true reflection of their work and dedication along with the professionalism and integrity of our staff. We are very proud of what the students have been able to achieve.”

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Lydia Askew was delighted with her results of 9, 8, six 7s and three 6s - her top grade coming in PE. She’s now off to Springwood Sixth Form to study English, history and biology.

“I was really nervous about coming in to collect my results because I was worried about what they might be. When I opened the envelope, the first result I looked for was history and I got a seven so I was happy. Overall I did better than I expected.”

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Grace Bailey was over-the-moon with her results - two 8s, four 7s, two 6s, and a Level Two distinction. She’s now off to Access Creative College Norwich to study event production.

“I’m really chuffed with these results. I was a bit overwhelmed when I opened up the envelope and saw my results for the first time - I really didn’t expect to get these results.

“It was nerve wracking going into school today but it was a lovely experience to go into school to collect my results because after the year we’ve had, it was great to see everyone there.”

Grace added she’ll remember her time at Smithdon fondly. “The teachers were the highlight for me. They were all really supportive and have been throughout my time here.”

Twins Issy and Ellie Little also celebrated their results. Issy, who is going to Springwood to study A Levels in art, media and criminology, secured six 9s, three 8s, a 7 and a 6 while sister Ellie achieved five 9s, four 8s, and two 7s.

And while Issy admitted there was a bit of sibling rivalry ahead of today, the pair were pleased with their twin's results. “We got what we wanted so we were really pleased for each othe

“It was weird going into school today because we haven’t been there for so long but the school had made an effort to make this morning special and it was so nice to see all our teachers again.”

As for her time at Smithdon, Issy added: “I’ll remember the wonderful people I met and the opportunities the school offered us. The teachers are really nice and it’s just a really nice school to go to.”

Twins Matthew and Hannah Back were delighted for each other as they picked up the grades they needed for their post-16 destination.

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Matthew who secured good grades in Design and Technology and PE is going to study engineering at the College of West Anglia, and Hannah who was pleased with her results in Geography, English Language and PE is off to Springwood Sixth Form to study biology, chemistry and criminology.

Hannah said: “I was a bit nervous coming in today but I was very pleased when I opened my results because I knew I’d got into Springwood.”

Matthew added: “I did better than I thought I would and I’m pleased to have got what I needed to get into college.”

Photos: Ian Burt

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