Grants of up to £500 available in Hunstanton

Grants of up to £500 available in Hunstanton
Hunstanton Town Hall

Hunstanton Town Council is accepting applications for the Community Grants Programme 2022/23.

Hunstanton Town Council recognises the hard work of the many individuals and organisations that help to improve services and facilities for residents of the Town and promote the community of Hunstanton.

Town Council is committed to providing assistance and support to individuals, charities, community organisations and voluntary groups living, working, or serving the community of Hunstanton and has in place a Grants and Donations Fund to enable it to provide financial support.

Small Grants

Applications for a small grant or donation will be limited to a maximum of £500, although it is expected that most small grants and donations will be smaller amounts in the region of £100 to £250 in order to ensure that the grants fund benefits as many individuals and organisations as possible. 

Larger Grants

The Council may from time to time set aside sums of money for the purpose of providing large grants. All large grant applications will be assessed for eligibility in accordance with the requirements of HTC’s Grants & Donations Policy.

For an informal chat or further information please contact the Town Clerk by email or call 01485 532402.

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