Go Nautical! … at North Creake

Go Nautical! … at North Creake

Everyone’s talking about it! The local award-winning drama company’s production; Jason and the Argonauts. It’s by CDG - the Creakes Drama Group.

The troupe are staging their first production since 2019 and it promises to be a huge success. It is a truly “feel-good” play about the famous nautical adventures of Jason and his Argonauts.

The many trials faced by Jason and his crew… the crashing of waves on rocks, a fiery sea serpent and an army of cawing ‘man-birds’ are all cleverly created to great effect by the use of humour, imagination and simple puppetry.

“It is pure escapism” said Evette Price, CGD’s Creative Director…. “it will make you cry with laughter. The audience should certainly leave with a big smile on their faces and perhaps singing some of the memorable songs of the play”, she added.

This latest production follows on from the very successful Robin Hood Panto staged by the players in 2019. This latest play is a delight to watch and is perfect fun for all age groups. It definitely does credit to the 30 year record of the drama group’s productions at North Creake.

A leading part is played by young Bethany Wisken, who takes on one of the major roles in the play as Medea. Bethany has been with the players for several years now and is currently doing her GCSE Drama. She is really blossoming as an actress and plays her key role alongside her mum, Sally, who plays Jason himself.

Performances begin on Thursday 17th November @7.30pm and run to Saturday 19th November, at the Village Hall, North Creake.

Order your tickets soon from: Ticket Source, adults £11 and £6 for children under 15 years.

To select and reserve your seats visit:


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Philip Yorke, Independent Features Editor and writer 2022

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