GO LOCAL! Hunstanton Mayor launches new campaign to support local businesses

GO LOCAL! Hunstanton Mayor launches new campaign to support local businesses

Following two months of lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic, the Mayor of Hunstanton Cllr Tony Bishopp, has launched a new campaign encouraging people to ‘go local’ by asking residents to buy local products and services to help local businesses get back on their feet.

The tourism industry in Hunstanton which includes retail, hospitality, transport and attractions was one of the first-hit industries and Mayor Cllr Bishopp is keen to remind residents they can do their bit by supporting local businesses and their families.

The Mayor said he “absolutely” supports the Town Council campaign which he believes will be a key part of the recovery for the town from the impact of lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic and asked people to try to resist the temptation to go further afield for their purchases once regulations are again relaxed and instead to use local providers where they can.

He added: "We are lucky to have such a diverse range of innovative businesses right here in Hunstanton and they play a big part in the vibrancy and special character of this town for those of us who live here as much as for the people who visit”.

"When we choose to go local, we're supporting our neighbours, our friends and the town of Hunstanton to get back on their feet and that is what makes the economy go around. If we can then keep that neighbourhood support going, we are going to see a much more resilient and joined-up community in the future."

The ‘GO LOCAL’ campaign kicks off with a competition for local under-16s to design a “We Love Hunstanton” logo. The competition will run for two weeks from Monday 15th June - Friday 26th June and the winner will receive £100 and see their logo presented on posters and articles throughout the town in the coming weeks and months.

We love hunstanton logo competition

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