£27,000 raised by Hunstanton Charity Shop

£27,000 raised by Hunstanton Charity Shop

Following a hugely successful year for Hunstanton Charity Shop, a presentation on Wednesday 26th June was held at the United Services Club where the eight charities and organisations benefiting came together to receive their generous donations.

West Norfolk Riding for the Disabled and the RNLI received £6,000, Norfolk Air Ambulance EAAA and NARS (Norfolk Accident Rescue Service) received £3,000, Hunstanton Primary School and Blood Bikes received £2,500 and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the Stroke Association each received £2,000.

Shop manager Angela Green said: “I would like to thank all the volunteers in the shop who work hard to stay open seven days a week and give their time for free. This enables us to plough all our money back to help good causes. Everyone gives 100% to help make a difference.”

“Thanks also has to be given to the people that bring us donations. Without them, there would be no shop, and without our customers there would be no funds. So, a huge thank you to all who play a part.”

“We are always looking for volunteers. Even if you can only give a couple of hours, it all helps. Donations can be dropped to us when we are open, and we are grateful of anything that comes through our door.”

“Thanks is also given to the United Service Club who have offered a free room for our presentation and monthly meetings, this is a huge help.”

“Our next meeting is 24th July and 25th September at 10am to 12pm, so if you wish to come along please feel free.”

Blood bank

Pictured: Representatives from Blood Bikes


Pictured: Volunteers and representatives from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital

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