Fund to ease Christmas hardship announced

Fund to ease Christmas hardship announced

Norfolk County Council is providing £200,000 to the Norfolk Community Foundation to support families and vulnerable people facing hardship this Christmas.

The money is coming from the County Council’s £1.015 million Government grant to support people in Norfolk. Around half has been spent so far to help people with food, fuel, exceptional household items and other welfare support.

Claire Cullens, chief executive of Norfolk Community Foundation, welcomed the announcement and said: “This partnership with Norfolk County Council will give families a helping hand to cope through the crisis of a Covid Christmas. By working together, we will maximise the impact of investment for Norfolk during these challenging times.

“It is widely recognised that many people who have never needed help before now need support, because Covid has pushed them from struggling to make ends meet to being unable to cope.”

Before the Christmas scheme launches, applications for help can be made to the Norfolk Assistance Scheme on the county council website - or, for those who don’t have internet access, by calling 01603 223392 option 5.

Awards that can be made include:

  • A three-day award for applicants who have made an application for Universal Credit
  • A seven-day award for people who are furloughed, are self-employed or have been made redundant and are awaiting verification of their Universal Credit application
  • Awards to applicants with no recourse to public funds

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