First LGBT+ history month event in King's Lynn

King's Lynn and West Norfolk Pride are proud to announce the first LGBT+ history month event in King's Lynn on Friday 23rd February.

Starting at 7pm, the event, held at Providence Street Community Centre, will showcase stalls and speakers from the LGBT community.  Free to attend and open to all, the occasion will celebrate the diversity of the LGBT community in our local population and give us all an opportunity to learn more about LBGT+ history and literature.  The event will include music, speakers, refreshments and promotional items.  A suggested donation to help contribute towards costs will be all that's asked.  This is the opportunity to come together as a community and really celebrate the past victories and struggles of those who identify as LGBT+ and act as a lever for cultural change. 

King's Lynn and West Norfolk Pride are a cooperative board of people who have come together to organise the first Pride Parade in King's Lynn.  This exciting event will be held on August 18th and is the chance to build on the work started at the LGBT+ history Month event and create a deeper cultural change in a local community which is inclusive and welcoming.  

Josh Elms, lead coordinator for the LBGT+ history month night says "we're excited to be leading the movement in King's Lynn and believe that this creates an opportunity for all elements of our community to come together and celebrate our diversity."

Francis Bone, member of the LGBT+ cooperative board comments "this event will showcase the skills and talents of the LGBT+ community and become a local movement for wider change.  We're proud to be a part of this organisation and look forward to our Pride Parade in August."

Other members of the LGBT cooperative board include Rachel Lawson, Linda Cox, Dave Cox, Darren Whiley, Dace Lockwood, Jordan Stokes, Ben Coulson and Jo Rust.