Feasibility study approved for Hunstanton railway line

Feasibility study approved for Hunstanton railway line

Norfolk County Council has agreed to fund a feasibility study for a rail link between King’s Lynn and Hunstanton.

Officials at County Hall are set to commission the study following a presentation last month from railway enthusiasts lobbying for the restoration of a railway line.

It is hoped improved connectivity between the towns would benefit the local economy through tourism, easing traffic congestion and the burden this has on the environment, and also making the seaside town a more attractive place to live for young people who work in King’s Lynn, Cambridge or London.

Shut in May 1969, it has now been over 50 years since the last train used the existing route. Around 5,000 people have signed a petition calling for the line to be reinstated.

Cabinet Member for Finance Andrew Jamieson said: “Norfolk County Council has agreed to fund a feasibility study for what the railway could cost and what the benefits would be, and that would include whether to use the existing route, a new route, or light-rail.”

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The idea of replicating the exact route the old railway line took would be practically impossible, however, due to building developments and land ownership that are on the original route.

Vice-Chairman of Infrastructure and Development Graham Middleton said: “The campaign team’s main message is for people to forget about the historic railway that was there. Forget about the current stations and the fact they’re not there, this would be a new line and not what it was.”

Andrew is also currently working on the 'Greenways Project' to use our disused railways as cycleways and walkways. Norfolk County Council are currently in talks with landowners about the project.

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