Fashion show raises awareness of upcycling

Fashion show raises awareness of upcycling

In an effort to raise awareness of the massive amount of clothes going to landfill unnecessarily, a Hunstanton lady ran a fashion show displaying her upcycled and recycled clothing range.

Carol Thorpe presented a fashion show based on Marshfairies upcycled and recycled clothing at the Le Strange hotel, Hunstanton on Sunday. Carol takes standard fashions, some from local charity shops, and upcycles them into completely new and unique pieces. She also runs workshops to encourage people to upcycle or recycle their unwanted clothing and teaches others how to do the work.

She and her four models offered a range of clothing to suit all body types and all occasions, including a range of designer hats of different styles, and modelled the styles to an audience of almost 100 people.

A raffle raised more than a hundred and thirty pounds for Sense, the Hunstanton charity shop.

Carol said: “Everyone enjoyed the show and a great many came up to me afterwards and said they were inspired to have a go at upcycling some of their clothes. We were delighted to have raised so much for a worthwhile charity.”

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