Farming in Protected Landscapes

Farming in Protected Landscapes

Funding is available for farmers in England from the new Farming in Protected Landscapes programme (FiPL) that opened for applications on 1 July 2021.

Are you a farmer with land in or near a National Park or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in England?

The DEFRA funded programme will fund projects that: support nature recovery, tackle climate change, provide opportunities for people to discover nature and support sustainable farm businesses. Projects must also support the Norfolk Coast AONB Management Plan objectives.

The funding will pay for farmland-based projects on one landholding or across a number of holdings which provide direct benefits to the Broads National Park or the Norfolk Coast AONB.

Some examples of projects that may be funded include:

  • Restoring rivers to provide biodiversity and natural flood management benefits
  • Creating connectivity between habitats, including hedge planting
  • Whole farm (or farm clusters) planning and actions for water, conservation, energy efficiency and economic resilience
  • Improving soil health and minimise soil loss and implement regenerative farm practices
  • Taking unproductive land out of production to deliver combined nature benefits
  • Creating new habitat for breeding waders, or creating ponds to support a variety of wildlife
  • Conserving historic features on a farm, such as mill buildings or burial mounds
  • Supporting traditional land management industries such as graziers and reed-cutters with equipment
  • Creating and promoting a series of farm walks across a number of farms, providing new access opportunities
  • Replacing stiles with gates on public footpaths to promote easier higher quality access
  • Supporting a locally branded farm product initiative which promotes the links between the product and the landscape in which it is produced

Read how you can apply at:


If you have any further questions please contact Gemma Clark

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