Eleven homes proposed for the former Infant School site

Eleven homes proposed for the former Infant School site

Developers reveal their plans.

Twelve Town Councillors and thirty one members of the public joined the zoom meeting on Wednesday evening when Gary Johns Architects and planning consultants Lanpro outlined their vision for the former school site on James Street in Hunstanton.

The building was vacated in 2015, following the merger of the infant school with Redgate Junior School to form Hunstanton Primary School and property guardian tenants have occupied the building during the intervening years on a 28 day rolling notice period.

The proposals include seven homes within the existing building with the remainder being new-builds.

Housing was selected as the most appropriate for the site following discussions with the King’s Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council.

Commenting on behalf of Hunstanton & District Civic Society, Chair Amanda Bosworth said: “We welcome development of the former infant school and are pleased to see that the shell of the building will be retained.

“Our initial impressions of the designs are that they incorporate a good use of materials and are sympathetic to the local environment.

“The green spaces enhance the area and we hope that there will perhaps be scope to increase the size of these as the development progresses.”

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                Proposed View to rear of site

                  The proposal includes three vehicle accesses to create smaller parking areas adjacent to dwelling entrances. A total of 11 dwellings to be created with 1-3 bedrooms sized 64 -116 m/sq.

                  During the period for public questions and on Facebook Kiara Fox spoke about living at the former school: “I’ve lived here for the past year, being 20 not earning a lot and rent being so crazy high, it’s an affordable place for your first independent living. It would be amazing to just give it a fix up and keep it how it is for young people who can’t afford the usual rent that most places are. We haven’t had no information at all about what’s going on and we only get 28 days notice...”

                  Also on Facebook Kim Ireland commented: “It' looks like an Eco development. Lots of planting & trees in the pictures so I'm happy it's going to be loved again. I hope there’s solar panels & all the low carbon Green-plan items we need to move forward.”

                  Town and Around have contacted Lampro and the County Council with the following questions:

                  1. Can you please clarify the value of the covenant redemption to Le Strange Estate for this development
                  2. Will there be any restriction on second home ownership? Will some/all properties be reserved for full time locals and if so, how?
                  3. What is the proposed price pointing on the properties?

                  When we receive replies we will add them to this post.

                  Images credit: Lanpro Gary Johns Architects

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